The Secret Spa Therapist RP

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Welcome to the secret spa x are you ready to relax and unwind with your exclusive spa treatments? We will begin by creating your perfect blend of aromatherapy oils for your neck and shoulder massage, followed by a tingly scalp massage and a luxurious facial treatment to end. Complete with layered sounds, soft whispers and soft ambient music to help you sleep. Sweet dreams x Subscribe for more :)

0:00 Welcome and introduction
01:18 Selecting the perfect blend of oils for your massage
05:33 Creating your aromatherapy oil blend
07:34 Ginger and tumeric face exfoliation and massage
10:41 Wipe away with soft cotton pads
12:29 Applying superfood clay face mask with soft brush
16:50 Gentle hair combing with wide tooth comb
19:30 Applying herbal oil scalp treatment with scalp massage
25:14 Neck and shoulder massage
32:05 Remove clay mask with warm towel
35:06 Applying hemp oil serum to the face using jade roller
38:56 Relaxing face touching
40:12 End of session soft talk

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